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About Cocosperles Crafts

Cocosperles began back in 2014 out of my fascination for handmade jewelry and the
crafting techniques to create them. I have over time completed beading & wireworks training to enhance my skills in handmaking jewelry pieces. I love to create beautiful and unique pieces for my amazing clients.

Cocosperles is a word play on Coco's & Perles. My friends fondly call me Coco while Perles is the french translation of pearls, one of my favorite beads.

When I'm not working or crafting,  I enjoy solving sudoku puzzles or
reading a good book.

My products are made with different textures using various materials like gemstones, pearls,
glass beads, corals, sand beads. Design techniques vary from layers, woven patterns and twisted
strings. Creations include neckpieces, bracelets, waist beads, earrings.

Please take some time to explore the designs and creations in the Shop menu and please reach out with your inquiries, requests and orders.

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