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Jewelry Care

Taking care of your jewelry pieces is vital to maintaining its beauty and value and beauty. Your jewelry would last longer and look  as good as new always when you know how to take care of it. 

* Put your jewelry on last. First tip but not the last! It may be tempting to wear your jewelry first when you get dressed however it is better to wait until you are about done before putting on your jewelry. Make it your finishing touch for your look!

* Know when to remove your jewelry. Your jewelry pieces are delicate and you should ensure to remove them when engaging in activities such as cleaning your home, swimming in water that has been treated with chlorine or playing sports.​

* Avoid contact with lotion or perfume. While occasional exposure to  lotion may not damage most fine jewelry, it can destroy the finish on costume pieces. If you are applying perfume, make sure to do so before putting on your jewelry rather than spritzing afterwards. The same goes for any sort of makeup setting spray, lotion, or skin refreshing spray. It is more ideal to put lotion on after you have taken your jewelry off at night.

* Store your jewelry properly. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keeping it in careful storage can help to prevent discoloration or damage that may come from pieces knocking together or getting tangled. Particularly vulnerable materials include pearls, wood, plastic, precious metals, and some gemstones. The best way to solve this problem is to store your items so they can't touch one another. Look for jewelry storage that allows you to have some separation between pieces to avoid tangling or damage, such as with padded ring boxes with individual slots. If keeping pieces in long-term storage, seal them in vacuum storage pouches to keep moisture and air out.

* Know when to call a professional. Whilst you are able to regularly clean and handle minor repairs to your jewelry pieces, there may  be some repairs  that are best left to professional jewelers. If you encounter issues like loose gemstones, dust or dirt build-up you cant reach, lost parts or broken clasps, please take your jewelry to someone who can help.

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